Below you will find all the information about this years concert including dates and times, what happens on the concert day, what to wear and why we love concerts!


What happens in a concert at Miss Jacqui's Ballerinas and why it is a special experience

Concerts are for all dancers in classes and are performed in a class environment at our beautiful location within the Tramsheds so the students feel comfortable and confident to dance and perform for their loved ones. Each class will have their own individual class concert to ensure your child gets lots of performance time and can dance with their friends from class. There is no charge for the audience and we encourage as many family and friends to come along, however, there will be a donation box for a charity of our choice. We have supported many amazing charities over the years and are proud to support Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation this year. There will be no extra rehearsals for the concert as everything we have learn throughout the year will feed into our concert and performance.

Dance with me Concert Classes are 45 minutes and the same magical theme as our concert. Families and friends are welcome to attend to make this last class a very special one.

For the Little Ballet and Little Jazz classes, the concert will have a very similar feel to a class story, just a little extra special, to create a sense of familiarity so they can dance confidently and perform to the best of their ability on the day.

All concerts for Pre-Primary Ballet and Junior Jazz are a wonderful display of everything they have learn throughout the year including a very special performance piece.

This end of year performance is a beautiful time to showcase our work to our friends and families as well as celebrating our achievements this year. Each and every dancer continues to shine and amaze me in class and I can't wait to share this with you all.


Concert Timetable


Your Child's Normal Class

Your Child's Concert Day & Time

Tuesday Dance With Me

Tuesday Little Ballet 3-5

Tuesday 13th December - 9:30

Tuesday 13th December - 10:30


Your Child's Normal Class

Your Child's Concert Day & Time

Friday Dance with me

Friday Little Ballet 3-4

Friday Little Ballet 4-5

Friday 16th December - 9:30

Friday 16th December - 10:30

Friday 16th December - 11:30

Saturday Dance with me

Saturday Little Ballet 3-4

Saturday Little Jazz

Saturday Little Ballet 4-5

Saturday Intro to Pre-Primary Ballet

Saturday Pre-Primary Ballet

Saturday 17th December - 9:30

Saturday 17th December - 10:30

Saturday 17th December - 11:30

Saturday 17th December - 12:30

Saturday 17th December - 1:30

Saturday 17th December - 1:30

Concert Location

Concerts held at Harold Park Community Hall
(Tramsheds, Level 1)

1 Dagal Way,
Forest Lodge
NSW 2037

Facilities at Harold Park Community Hall include;

  • On site and on street parking (both free for 2 hours)

  • Air conditioning

  • Level access parking (park on level 1)

  • Accessible toilets

  • Light rail stop – Jubilee Park Station

  • Bus – 433 stops at The Crescent opposite Nelson street and 431 and 370 stop at Glebe Point Road near Pendrill and Leichardt streets


Your Child's Normal Class

Your Child's Concert Day & Time

Friday Dance With Me

Friday Little Ballet 3-5

Friday 16th December - 9:30

Friday 16th December - 10:15

Tuesday Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet

Tuesday Junior Jazz

Tuesday 13th December 3:30

Tuesday 13th December 4:15

Each concert class is 1 hour long and includes 15 minutes to arrive, get dressed and prepare for the concert. 

Your child will receive a certificate and medal for participating!


Please find all the information about costumes 

The cost of your child's costume is included in the concert registration fee. Samples are tried on in class to ensure the correct size is ordered for your child and all costumes will be handed out one week before the date of the concert.

The costume are listed below;

Dance with me - Ballet tutu, tights and hairpiece

Little Ballet - Ballet tutu, tights and hairpiece 

Little Jazz & Little Tap - Jazz tutu and hair accessory 

Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet - Ballet tutu, tights and headpiece 

Children participating in the ballet concerts will be required to wear ballet shoes in addition to their concert tutu as well as pale pink ballet tights which are included in the costume pack. Those participating in the jazz concert will be in ballet or jazz shoes (your choice).

Boys costumes will be discussed separately with parents.



Hair will be in a bun for all ballet concerts, and a high ponytail for Jazz and class. Please click here on the link - how to do a perfect ballet bun for tips. I feel I should stress here that we do not expect perfect ballet buns on the day!!! The idea of the bun is to keep the hair out of the children's eyes and to create the image of them as a ballerina. All the pins etc can be purchased at your local chemist or supermarket. Each child is different so please speak to your teacher in class if their hair is not a suitable length for a bun and we can suggest something else to help them feel special on their concert day. If your child is participating in two concerts then there will be time to change their hair style or, if you wish, you can just leave it as it is, e.g. a ballet bun is fine for jazz concert too.

If you wish to pop a little make up in the form of lip gloss or some sparkles to make the day extra special then you are very welcome to do so!

What happens on the day?

  1. Your child will arrive at the start time of their concert with a parent or caregiver with your costume in its bag and your child's hair in a bun for ballet or a ponytail for jazz and/or tap, you will have 15 minutes to get dressed and prepare for the concert. Please do not arrive wearing your costume as we wish to ensure that it stays beautiful and clean for their concert.

  2. We will open the doors to the audience 15 minutes after your arrival time to make sure there is a beautiful calm space to get ready it before the excitement of the concert! There is a comfy waiting area for your audience.

  3. The concert begins very similarly to a normal class to keep a sense of familiarity for the children so they feel comfortable and can perform to their very best ability. Your child will dance a story with their teacher and friends before ending with a very special dance. It is completely normal to be a little shy on the day which is why we try our best to keep it as similar to class as possible. Please do not worry if your child is feeling a bit shy on the day ... they are very welcome to sit with you or their teacher until they feel ready to join in.

  4. All children involved in the Concert will be presented with a certificate and medal to say thank you for being part of our Dancing Family!

  5. Audience members are encouraged to donate to a charity of our choice. Each year Miss Jacqui's Ballerinas do not charge tickets and instead use this opportunity to help others in need.

  • What time is my child's concert?

This is our most frequently asked question ... all the days and times can be found on this Concert Page and dates and times will be displayed in class in the weeks leading up to your child's concert.

  • Does my child have to wear the costume?

Yes, the costume is a special touch to make the children feel part of a group and for one child not to wear one would make them feel left out.

  • When do we receive the costumes?

Costumes will be handed out in class the week before the concert, this is to make sure that the costume is not worn before the concert day to ensure it stays beautiful and clean. If you are not present in class the week before then the costume will be waiting for you with your teacher the day of the concert.

  • How do we make sure we get the correct size costume?

All children will try on a sample costume in class. As the costumes are custom-made then we need to place the orders as early as possible. We always make sure the size is large enough for your child but not so big that they are swimming in it. Please remember that the fabric of tutus are stretchy!

  • Who can come to the concert?

We love to invite friends and family to our concerts and do not limit numbers per child, all we ask is for audiences members to donate to our charity of choice on the day if possible.

Frequently asked questions

Photos from previous concerts