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Your Trial Class

Choosing the right class can be tricky ... will they enjoy ballet or jazz? Is Ultimo or Glebe a better location for you? We are so confident that you will love your experience with us, however, we do offer a 2 class trial package to make sure the class is the right fit for you and your child.


How to Enrol for a Trial Class

  1. Head to our Parent Portal and create an account and add your child as a student.

  2. Go to 'Register for Classes'

  3. Find the class you wish to attend and click 'Schedule a Trial' just underneath the class then choose your start date

  4. Click submit and wait for your confirmation email

We offer a 2 class trial package which is charged at our normal class rates. Your statement and payment details can be found on the home page under 'Statements'

What happens in your first class with us

Your first class is a brand new experience for you and your little one and can come with a few nerves. Before you attend please make sure you know where to go (class locations can be found here) and what to expect when you arrive. Each class is signposted within the venue so you can find us easily and your teacher will welcome you into class once it is time to begin. They will make sure they know you and your child's name and explain what is normal for a first class.

What to expect from class

Dance with me classes - your little dancer will want to stay close to you at first. Each child is different and it can take a few weeks to warm up so do not worry if they are clingy at first, however, you will probably notice them practising their moves at home. Very soon they will be twirling, jumping and giggling along with the others in the class.

Preschool classes - your child will want to know that you are close by during their first which is why we encourage you to stay and watch. Half way through when they are jumping over a river or off in search of treasure they will probably have forgotten you are there! You will love seeing their growing independence each and every week as they make friends and learn new moves.

Dance School classes - there can be a lot of new faces and information to take in at this time and, even though your child will be older and more comfortable in new situations, it can still be a little daunting. We start each class with a register and then an opportunity for each child to share a piece of news with the class, this helps us all to get to know each other a bit better and starts the process to making great friends. If they have not danced before then inform your teacher so they can make your child feel supported and included in class.

At the end of your first class

Your teacher will provide you with feedback and answer any questions you may have. Please be aware they may have another class starting in 5 minutes and if you have many questions then we are always available on the phone or email and happy to chat with you at length.

Every child is different and we love to celebrate their individuality and will never push them into situations they are not comfortable with. You did a trial in the Little Ballet and they were adamant that they would not leave your side? Not  a problem! Perhaps try the Dance with Me class for a term to build their confidence. You did a trial in the Dance with Me class, had been up all night and not having a great morning (as often happens with this age) and they refused to join in? Not a problem! Contact us to discuss doing another trial and we are sure the next week will be better.

Our teaching team have a wealth of experience at working with this age and are there to support you and your child in their first class with us!

What happens next?

After your trial class we would love for you to join us for the rest of the term! Once you enrol, you will be able to view your statement which will contain the remaining classes in the term only.

Still not sure if the class is for you? Then contact us! We are big on communication and are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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